It’s important to strike the right balance as you navigate your marriage planning quest by including practices and traditions that appeal to both you and your spouse while also respecting your Spanish American heritage. From food and drinks to tunes to cake winners and requests, there are many ways to incorporate Spanish wedding host decorum into your large morning

For instance, during the empathy, also known as the money dance, a couple or their designees are typically seen moving from table to table palming out small gifts called detalles ( which can range from metaphorical items like a role-playing cabreado center or 13 coins collectively known as las arras to practical ones like personalized favors ). During this portion of the reception, guests will wire money on the couple to show their support and aid for their new beginning.

It’s also typical for guests to shove rice or birds seeds onto the couple as they leave, which represent fertility and good fortune. This also happens after the chapel or civil ceremony.” Most modern Latinx newlyweds have substituted this with glitter, rose blossoms, or something else of their choosing”, says Baca.

The danza del billete, or cash dance, involves the bride and groom reverently dancing with each of their padrinos, who will give them 13 golden currencies known as las arras. These cash are given to the soon-to-be family as a indicator of their dedication to one another and their responsibility to care for their coming.